Friday, September 09, 2005

Here We Go...

.:Today's LSS:.

Ogie Alcasid rules.

Sa Kanya
by Ogie Alcasid

Namulat ako at ngayo'y nag-iisa
Pagkatapos ng ulan
Bagama't nakalipas na ang mga sandali
Ay nagmumuni kung ako'y nagwagi
Pinipilit mang sabihin na ito'y wala sa akin
Ngunit bakit hanggang ngayon, nagdurugo pa rin


Sa kanya pa rin babalik sigaw, ng damdamin
Sa kanya pa rin sasaya bulong ng puso ko
Kung buhay pa ang alaala ng ating nakaraan
Ang pagmamahal at panahon alay pa rin sa kanya

At sa hatinggabi ay nag-iisa na lang
Ay minamasdan ang larawan mo
At ngayo'y bumalik nang siya'y kapiling pa
Alaala ng buong magdamag
Kung sakali man isipin na ito'y wala sa akin
Sana'y dinggin ang tinig kong nag-iisa pa rin

Repeat Chorus:


Ang pagmamahal at panahon alay pa rin
Sa kanya, sa kanya, sa kanya, hah-ooh

Sa kanya.

.:More Radio Rumble:.

Batman vs. Captain America
David Letterman vs. Jay Leno

Who do you think would win?

.:The Greatest T-Shirt EVER!:.

… thanks to this shirt, I can now make five term papers in a night!!!

W-ell, not really, but go read the comments.


As far as the impeachment process was concerned, I was ambivalent, not apathetic.

What's the difference, you ask? Quite simple, really...

Apathy is a state where somebody just doesn't give a damn about something. For instance, I simply did not have an opinion about Bush or Kerry in the previous elections. I did not care who won, as to me, it had little to no bearing on my life whatsoever. That's apathy.

Ambivalence, on the other hand, is remarkably different. I of course wanted the president to be impeached in congress so that a proper investigation of whatever flimsy claims were made in the Lower House could be made in the Senate, and by then, we could see if there really was a point to any of it at all.

However, the moment the complaint got quashed in congress, I was not perturbed enough to want to take to the streets and claim the death of the democratic process. W-ell excuse me, but didn't they actually vote, and didn't a very significant number vote against the impeachment process pushing through? During Estrada's time, there were over a hundred people who voted in favor of having him impeached. That counted for something. Here, not even a third of the house managed to do it, effectively signifying that there just isn't enough evidence to work with.

I'm sick and tired of the endless rallies, the nonsensical politicking, and I'm even ashamed to say I'm related to Mrs. Aquino right now. For her to be acting in this way, despite the fact that someone should be innocent until proven guilty, is a clear oversight on her part. It's not like she made the country great again after wresting it from Marcos' iron grip, anyways. It was more of a choice of the lesser evil.

I'm ambivalent towards the impeachment process because I understand all too well where all the need for due process. But you know what? I'm ambivalent towards it because I know that if people pushing for her impeachment didn't get their way, then they would still take to the streets, regardless. Isn't that clearly a no-win situation? I mean, if the impeachment process went through, if at any point, GMA's camp won, then people will just take to the streets? Eff that.

The impeachment process is dead. Get over it and try again next year, when you can afford witnesses who don't crack and recant two weeks after they make their initial statement. You've had your chance in due process. Another EDSA will only bastardize what the first one did. At this point, I'm ashamed to have even been part of the second EDSA revolution. Kasi dahil doon, nawiwili na ang mga tao na mag-EDSA kapag may ayaw sila sa pamahalaan.

And let me just close this vituperation by pointing out something rather obvious...

How many of those people at the rallies actually voted for GMA? I can assure you that a good chunk of the people there really voted for her in the first place, whether they be the people paid to go to the rallies or the well-meaning principled people.

And among these people clamoring for the president to step down, how many of them actually so much as joked that GMA should cheat the elections so that FPJ wouldn't win?

Well, then if she did, they got their wish. So what the eff are they rallying about?

Dammit, give it a rest already.

.:Just The Other Day:.

It was particularly amazing how yesterday turned out, particularly since I haven't met my Uncle Terence, who lives in California, in about seven years already.

Anyways, I was cramming my paper (Finished 24 pages of utter bull, plus title page and bibliography, in a record 2 days!), then I headed off to Rockwell at around lunchtime to meet my grandparents who were going to have lunch with Uncle Terence.

It was a great lunch, really. The chef in Le Souffle was very friendly, and the food was splendid. Lobster soup is great, and even their bread was pretty good. The salad I ordered had mushrooms, scallops, and even goose liver that tasted so much like lamb chops. The ostrich steak was so-so, and made me realize I should've stuck to rib eye or something. Heh.

Nonetheless, it was a really wonderful lunch, and then I headed off to Medical City with my aunt to see my cousin, Maikee, who had pneumonia. We took a cab, and the cabbie got us into a political discussion that led me to write the post above. Nonetheless, I then spent the rest of the day just enjoying the company, and I managed to finish my paper after all has been said and done...


I rewarded myself with a massage after I finished that paper. Boy, I needed that. I just really needed to relax after all that stress I went through…

And Clair, did I mention that 70% of that paper was done on UBUNTU?!?

.:On Memory:.

Class tonight was fun, as we were watching “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” with Engrish subtitles.

I remember crying the last time I saw this film. Now, I was laughing my head off.

Actual dialogue: You stole a girl’s panties!

Engrish subtitle: You stole a girl’s p*nis!

That was just amazing… considering this is Ricoeur class. Heh.

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