Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh, Wow!

.:Short But Sweet:.

It looks like I got the job.


The interview went really well, as you can tell.

.:Too Lazy To Watch A Premiere, So...:.

... I gave the tickets to Ms. Maan, JayBee, and Joe Spinner. Heh.

The latter two are LS Jocks. Pretty interesting if they did show up for the premiere... hehehe.

The premiere was for "Lord Of War", starring Nicolas Cage. Sounds cool, but I wanted to spend my time playing NBA Live 06 instead... heh.

However, we will be premiering: AN AMAZING MOVIE. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHICH ONe.

So... who wants to see it, and how many people will I have twisting my arm this time? Batman Begins didn't seem to attract too many people last time. Maybe this would. :P


Didn't know I was practically neighbors with Kyla Rivera. She lives in my floor in Cityland Tower as well... talk about a chance meeting. Heh.

1 comment:

lina said...

Cool! I hope you get the job, Marcelle! :)

P.S. P6k for a voiceover is cool, too, hah.

P.P.S. You can always teach somewhere for pocket money. ;) CSB pays like P15,000 a month.