Monday, October 03, 2005



I must say that last Saturday's celebration was nothing short of memorable, what with how well it all worked out for all of us.

Gyn and I met up at my place, and she really gave me cause for joy the moment she showed up. We stayed and talked a while, even listened to music, and then after a bit more time, we headed off to Shang-rila, where we found JM and Clair already present. Ranulf and Jill, to my recollection, were already in the area as well...

It was quite an interesting gathering, to say the least. There were donuts from Hoops, and it was quite amusing how we went all that way only to still eat in House of Minis. Hey, that's catchy. It's actually "House of M". Lol. Nonetheless, a few minutes later, Sean arrived, followed by Charo. So while Gyn and I were eating at House of M, Ranulf and Jill ate Japanese food nearby.

My mom then arrived, and I managed to introduce her to my friends. I was glad she seemed to be fond of Gyn, all things considered. While I was hardly done with introductions, Diane and Mark showed up, with Chocolate Mousse, giving me further reason to smile. Abby dropped by, if only for a short while, along with Ledz, and more introductions happened. Mario was the last one to arrive.

I know the party wasn't particularly loaded with an agenda, but it was still great, regardless. We were talking about different things, and one of the most amusing topics was about GTO. Upon being asked what GTO was, Mario promptly replied, "Grand Theft Otto". We had a hoot with that, as I then realized that except for Peppy, the harem was complete, as described in ample detail by Clair in her own post. Heh.

Soon enough, my mom left, and so did Gyn. The rest of us stayed around for a while, then Ranulf and Jill left for the J-Rock concert in Freedom Bar, while the rest of us went to the arcades to watch Eric Vidal show off how much he has improved with Dance Maniax. I was a bit rusty, but it wasn't so bad, truth be told. I still had a good repertoire, to say the least.

By the end of the day, it was down to me, Clair, and Sean. Everyone else left for one reason or another, while the three of us had dinner with Faye Tan, Sean's friend, at Crocodile Grill. It was a very enlightening discussion, although I believe Faye's eyes widened twice over the discussion about a harem and the answer to whether or not Chico and Delle were ever a couple.

On top of that, I just had to proverbially stick my foot in my mouth when I couldn't help but laugh my head off when Faye asked the waiter for a Blow Job. The drink, of course. She was guessing I never had one. Considering I'm not a drinker, I guess not.

Clair was mostly flabbergasted at this point, as she had no idea what was going on. Nonetheless, it was all good.

Of course, I'd also want to thank the people who SMS'd me greetings, and even someone who called me all the way from Canada, Sacha. People like you make me realize how much I have to be grateful for.

To all the guys who made my birthday celebration a very happy one, I thank you. I know I didn't have enough time to invite other people I should've invited (Guys like Cyril, Charles, Elbert, Elvin, Lloyd...), but I had to make do with what I had on such short notice. 'Sides, you guys made it all worth the effort of putting my 1337 organizational skillz to the test. Lol.

I'm very glad, really. Thanks to all of you.

.:A Rash Of Bad Luck:.

After three straight wins yesterday, I suffered three straight losses. I guess that's that for my streak in the tournament circles... let's see if I can rack up another one... heh.

.:Lunch Date:.

So there I was, keeping track of how many times the guy at Ayala Life said "critical" during our meeting, and I counted eight. Then, I was introduced to the band manager of the performing band, and he was awfully nostalgic and whatnot. It was really amusing, to say the least, but the meeting didn't go through with any hitches, as far as I'm concerned.

Then after the meeting, I ended up meeting Gyn for lunch, and it was just splendid. We went to LKG Tower to have some food at Tang City, and while I hated how bad their roast duck tasted, I still looooovvveeed the company. ;)

With a cutie like Gyn to start off my week, how can it possibly go wrong?

.:Games Master:.

Games Master magazine is looking for a cute Chinita girl, 16-24 years of age, who can be their Code Girl model. I would've suggested someone, but I was informed by her that she'd only want to be cute for one person and one person only.

For me.


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