Tuesday, October 04, 2005


.:Induced LSS:.

I was having a massage near Ateneo when all of a sudden, the media player they were using just kept on repeating itself over and over again on just one particular song. It was amusing, truth be told, the moment I realized that it was the fifth or so time I heard “Qing Fei Di” by Harlem Yu playing over and over again.

That is one really mean way of inducing an LSS into someone… heh.

.:I Am Soooo Not A Geek:.

I got my 128MB Flash Disk back. Of course, the 256MB one is gone for good, but at least I didn’t have to spend money again to still have a Flash Disk on me.

I just really need an easy and handy way to store my data without having to resort to the very unreliable floppy diskettes. Truth be told, I find those things to be increasingly annoying as they keep on asking to be formatted… gah.

.:Movies To Watch:.

I updated my list to add around three more films to my list of films I really should see… now people who hang around Divisoria know what to get me as a present… ::nudge::

All in all, I believe that makes for a backlog of nine films I still have to see…

.:Who You Gonna Call?:.

GMA has called.

They’re looking for a segment producer for their new program on Channel 11, and as difficult as the workload sounds to me, I definitely want to get the job, regardless.

I’ll be interviewed on Tuesday next week, so wish me luck. I certainly hope this bodes well for me, as I am in dire need of another job to make ends meet for myself…

.:My Partner Returns:.

I'll be having a partner again come tomorrow. It's a good news/bad news deal, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm sure you can take a good guess who my partner will be...

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