Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Thoughts...

.:Sheer Hilarity:.

Whatcha gonna do when those 22-inch Sumans go wild on you? Heh. And now, we have the laziest Suman post eveeeerrrrr...


During the meeting last Monday, there was word about guys who take shifts in the tech department of GMA-7, 24/7. They are the shift heads.

I didn't hear the "f" the first time around...

Nonetheless, work has been okay in GMA so far. It's going to be stressful, but there will be free days, which means a relief for me, at the very least...

A conflict with the host has ended up cancelling a shoot this weekend, though. The running gag is they can build me up to replace the hosts eventually... lol.

.:Indecent Proposals:.

Apparently, pimping one's self out to clients to make them more willing to be sponsors is a possibility for Segment Producers... heh.

That being said, the question is, who'd even bother trying to send an indecent proposal along my way? :P

.:After Boardwork...:.

... I will be picked up by my co-workers in GMA, and then we go to Tagaytay for an ocular of the place for next week's shoot.

Unfortunately, this trip is for business, not for pleasure.

No guarantees that we wouldn't try having fun, though. ;)

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