Thursday, November 09, 2006


.:Movie Premiere Updates:.

Well, the official date for the premiere of Happy Feet is November 18, 2006, around 3 or 4 in the afternoon in Robinson's Galleria.

That conflicts with my hosting of the TOEI cosplay event.

That being said, I guess this simply means I will probably only have two tickets to give away on that day, since I won't be there to finagle extra ones, which means that only Clair and JM are accounted for, sadly.

My apologies for the snafu due to my schedule...

After Happy Feet, we are going to premiere on November 20 (That's a Monday.) Borat. I wanna see that film myself...

.:Prophets Welcome:.

In the past few days, I've spoken about how my sense of wonder is mainly that which allows me to have such a strong affinity for magic. The way I see the universe unravel itself and remind me that there are still a myriad things I can never hope to explain is one of the appeals performing magic instills in me.

Last Saturday though, when I ran into Rhoda, Rachel, and Bernadette (Gradeschool classmates of mine, mostly.), I discovered yet another quality magicians seem to have that may or may not be endemic to magicians...

I remember an old saying that goes, “a prophet is never welcome in his own land”, and for the most part, it seems to ring true in just about any career. You go back to people who've known you for so long, and even if you're the president of the country, or a lawyer, or a doctor, these people would still remember you as the “weird kid”, or the “nerd”, or the “geek”, or whatever other not-so-flattering trait you might have possessed at the time.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, in that they remind you rather strongly of how you started off, lest you get too big for your own britches. No matter how famous you may turn out to be, no matter how successful, your “own land” will never let you forget what it took for you to get to where you are, although at times, the fact that they can't quite perceive this “weirdo” to be a lawyer now, or that the president of the country used to be the resident “freak”, all of these tend to remind you how hard it can be at times to break free from the past.

And yet, magicians seem to be, based on my experience, immune to this, insofar as their magic goes.

I remember that I wasn't exactly one of the favorite people of the girls from Don Bosco Sta. Mesa, mainly because of how annoying my personality was back then, and to some extent, still is.

In spite of that not-so-great reputation, the moment I started performing for them, it was as if they met me for the first time in their lives. They were freaking out at some of the tricks I was performing, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect a reaction from them like that, as I was working under the knowledge that they knew me so well and for so long already, and how they knew me was anything but as someone to gape at.

While it may be quite the ego booster, even more than just that, I really felt that the small performance I made awakened their sense of wonder as well, both in the realm of magic, and the fact that despite having known me for thirteen years or so, there's still so much they have yet to discover, and vice versa.

A prophet, for once, welcome in his own land.

Ah, life. Abracadabra may not always work instantly, but more often than not, it still works, regardless.

It's the things you do with your life that makes magic possible. It's the things that you believe in despite adversity that makes miracles possible.

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