Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Sure, it's only twenty bucks, but the theft in my room the other day pretty much proves that I still have someone stealing from me every chance they get.

I'm tempted to figure out some way of catching him red-handed. Maybe UV rays would work, provided I can spritz some substance on my money that'd register under a UV ray...

Preferably, it should be something that doesn't wash off easy.

I guess it should be obvious why I'm none too pleased about this crud...


To those playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2, how do you feel about hearing from a guy non-stop that he's so good with Hayato he can own Cable with ease?

What a laugh.


And she wonders why I'm upset.

Gee, whiz, maybe she shouldn't have pushed me away from meeting her again in the first place...

Isn't it just my luck that this always happens? I honestly can't help but feel very frustrateed that this happened again...

It boggles the mind how these Indian givers can even act indgnant after what they've done...

.:Twenty-Four Times Two:.

That'd be forty-eight. And that is one of the biggest reasons why I can't keep away from Pinoy Dream Academy, which has been a source of riveting TV for me.

I don't really know, nor do I care if the singers from Philippine Idol are better. The fact of the matter is that the personalities in PDA are very riveting, and sir Jim's presence as Headmaster just gives the whole thing an air of legitimacy.

A couple of weeks ago, sir Jim started assigning the forty-eight hour assignment to the scholar of the Academy. This assignment involved them pretending it was the last forty-eight hours of their life, and acting accordingly.

If you knew you'd die in two days, what loose ends would you want to tie up? Who would you talk to, apologize to, forgive, profess your love to? Or would you just sit idly by and let those forty-eight hours pass you by as if it didn't matter what would happen at the end of it?

When sir Jim gave us this assignment for Creativity Class in Ateneo around four years ago, it was a turning point for me. It was that point in my life where I realized life was too short to harbor petty grudges and petulant caprices. From that point on, while I may still act petty at times, I never lose sight at the end of the day that there is a bigger picture that remains to be seen.

It's been two years since I graduated from Ateneo, and yet I still carry valuable lessons with me. Lessons I learned from great teachers like sir Jim, or ma'am Sining, or Jon Bulaong.

And the more I watch PDA on television, the more I completely go against my usual "Pure Kapuso" viewing habits when I watch local TV, the more I miss the academe. The more I long to return there and to remind everyone that the academe is precisely where I thrive.

Sometimes, I really just wonder...

P.S. Vote for Rosita. She's just so much fun to watch. =P

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