Thursday, November 23, 2006


.:160 Gigabytes! Wheee!!!:.

My uncle bought me a spanking new hard drive for use with my laptop. I am beside myself with joy.

Not just that, he even got me a fan for my laptop to keep it from overheating. I am just stunned. =)

Thanks, uncle Raymund! You're the absolute best.

.:Film Review: Borat:.

This movie film certified funny humor for human watching by the greatest country in the world of Kazakhstan..

Watched this movie with a friend from grade school, and I just can't believe how floored everybody was by the film. The film was a laugh a minute and it wasn't really going to make much sense for me to tell you what happens in the movie, since it spoils the enjoyment.

Let's put it this way... Borat is a reporter from Kazakhstan, and he went to the United States to discover more about American culture. The glaring cultural differences, from the very blatant anti-Semitism, to the lopsided male-female dynamic, and so forth, all add up to a very hilarious but politically incorrect romp through America as Borat discovers Pamela Anderson and attempts to marry her...

I loved the whole dynamic of Borat trying to get married to Pam. It was just hilarious, and the way he kept on ticking people off along the way was classic... it's a nice commentary on how hypocritical people can really be when they are just being forced to subscribe to norms they really don't believe in deep down.

I don't wanna talk about it much beyond that. If you're not easily offended by very politically incorrect humor, give this movie a shot. It's a genuine laugh-a-minute film.

And, oh. Leave your brain at the door.

And, errr... get ready for one of the most disturbing man-man scenes you will ever see.

Marcelle's Critical Evaluation: B
Marcelle's Fun Evaluation: A+

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Jac said...

haha yeah we have this coworker who kept impersonating Borat, even making a fake mustache!

it all ended up with him doing an impromptu cosplay of Mario and Luigi with another coworker tho XD