Tuesday, November 07, 2006


.:A Four-Day Weekend... I Had To...:.

So I decided to take a leave today, mainly because I was going to have a bunch of meetings to attend and I needed to have ample sleep to get through it all. Truth be told, it's an opportunity for me to just finally get off on the right foot with my work outside of radio.

I'm supposed to be hosting the TOEI cosplay convention next Saturday. That ought to be very interesting, to say the least.

.:Tournament Progress:.

After a bunch of bad tournaments, I finally had one that landed me in the Top 8. Doomsday, apparently, is still as fearsome as always.

In fact, my luck pushed it all the way to the Top 4, where I almost stole a win from Lauren via Quickening Tendrils on his turn, except of course, he had Force Of Will ready for that.

All in all, it was a fun tournament. I managed to practice Indecent, Saw, and Mindbender on them all, and truth be told, I've definitely improved a whole lot with my performance, and I've especially improved at the patter, which means I can definitely do very well for the next time I have to do an actual show.

.:Happy Coincidence:.

So I was supposed to watch a movie at Estelle's place with her last Saturday, but I inevitably got delayed by a happy coincidence.

While I was about to cross the street from Mega A to Mega B, I saw what looked like a Korean girl who was giving me the eye. Now, that being said, I was considering making an introduction or something since I actually brought all my magic paraphernalia, but as I was working up my courage to talk to her, she ended up turning to me, and then said, “Marcelle”.

In a flash, I recognized who she was. It was Rhoda Acosta, a grade school classmate of mine, and one of the most wonderful girls from Don Bosco Sta. Mesa.

So I let her under my umbrella, and we walked to the other side, where I ended up hanging out with her at Starbucks, although we were actually waiting for her friends, who were also my batchmates from DBS. Rachel Obfenda was one of them, whom I've been trying to contact for ages, and Bernadette Eustaquio, who came with her boyfriend.
So we sat there and caught up on news with each other, although on top of that, I decided to demonstrate some magic for them.

Needless to say, they were floored. Stigmata, the Coin Box (Which I botched.), and Mindbender got amazing reactions. Of course, Saw also made them freak out. Heh. It was fun, really, and the more I do this stuff, the more I realize that it was an investment worth making...

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