Friday, November 03, 2006


.:Guess What Movie We're Premiering?:.

You know you want it.

.:Amusingly Enough...:.

Well, the day was mostly non-happening, but I found the time to meet up with Estelle and ND for an excursion to Ali Mall for the evening. That one turned out pretty well, simply because I managed to pick up some nice insights for magic performances I could do in the future.

I understand though that some not-so-good occurrences have been going on with Mr. Bing, and I wouldn't want to contribute to that, so I'm taking his advice and being cautious of other magicians, especially since they could potentially hurt his business.

It's really cutthroat, and it saddens me that just because they're magicians, they would involve themselves in trickery to deceive a man out of a decent living...

Or were they simply tricksters who thought they could do magic because of their misconstrued perception of what magic is all about?

Either way, I just find it sad.

.:Relatives Rock:.

After that excursion to Ali Mall, Estelle, ND, and I went to Tierra Pura so I can deliver the playlists to my uncle. What was amusing about this was the fact that my grandparents were actually there.

So my grandparents and my uncle got to know ND and Estelle, and I'm happy to say that good impressions were all around... that's great, really.

In any case, it's been a great couple of days. One can only hope that business picks up now that even my uncle and grandparents have seen me do magic and do it well. =)


Jac said...

Kel, ol' buddy, ol' pal! what do I have to do to get a premiere ticket? ;D jk!

Anonymous said...

*wink wink*

want some happy feet here.


i'm glad you're back on your happy feet...

Anonymous said...

too bad but i think this mush guy doesnt read comments on what he writes. well, it's just my opinion though :)

just email him at his gmail address.

Marcelle said...


I do.

But I only have so many tickets to give away, and I find it easier to text people than to reply on my blog to them.