Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Day At Work...

It's awesome when you're blogging for a living... heh.

.:Remember This?:.

Weekend all go home.

As a kid, did you watch the Street Fighter movie?

Do you remember the speech Jean-Claude Van Damme made when he was addressing the troops upon being informed that his superiors at the Allied Nations have called off the assault on General M. Bison? If you didn't, allow me to remind you of the transcript of that very speech from the diction-challenged Van Damme...

"True Peers!!! I just recede new orders! Org superiors say, the war is canceled! Weekend all go home. Bison is getting pay Duff for his crimes, and our friends will have DYED HAIR!!!1 ... will have dyed, for nothing. But, weekend all go home. Meanwhile, I deals like piss, freedom, and just dis... day get tacked up. But... weekend all go home.

Well... I'm nut going home. I'm gonna get on my boot and I'm going up writher, and I'm going to kick that sun of a bitch Bison's ass SO HORDE!!!1 ... that the next Bison wanibi, is gonna fill it!

No who wants to go home, and who wants to go with MIG?!?1"

What? You don’t believe me? Well, then go here and listen.

I don’t even need to say anything anymore. I just have to sit back and laugh.

Just so you know, I got to thinking about this film thanks to the "Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game" thread somewhere out there on Shoryuken.Com, by a Mr. Alan Noon.

.:Scissor Sisters:.

No words are enough to describe how brilliant their performance is. I don’t like their music, but this is one heck of a live performance! This is very similar to that Matrix ping-pong video, except they really pulled out all the stops to just floor people in a live audience as it happens.

You just gotta love YouTube!

And if you still haven’t caught on, you might want to check out these videos!

.:And The New Bet From Vote For The Worst…:.

Well, now that SanJaya is gone from American Idol, Vote For The Worst is endorsing Phil Stacey for the win.

I’m especially amused how people just flame the site for trying to shove the worst Idol hopefuls down the throats of America, because as we all know, controversy creates cash. These guys had so much traffic their site bogged down a couple of years back.

There is just something intrinsically awesome about having that kind of impact on American Idol, since the Vote For The Worst campaign has definitely kept a load of clunkers well into the Idol Finals before long after people have caught on how much these ones actually suck.

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