Sunday, April 22, 2007


.:Oy, Vey!:.

It was great hanging out with my Beloved and Elbert for lunch. There’s just something so fun about being ganged upon by your significant other and your best friend… heh.

However,I met an unfortunate… mishap while hanging out at World Chicken and enjoying the company of comic book people in Katipunan.

Long story short, while I was there during one of Elbert’s comic book seminars, I had the misfortune of hitting my head on what appeared to be an upside-down fishbowl that they use to cover their lights at the second floor, immediately causing breakage. After much grief, I ended up forking over payment for the damages, to the tune of 4,500.

Dammit, I don’t just pick up 4,500 in a snap, you know. That was a painful hit on my finances, and I’m seething right now over the fact that if it happened in the U.S., I could actually have sued because the bloody thing could’ve cut me in the head.

I feel stupid not complaining about it. That I just tried to pass it off as if nothing happened when I would’ve been better off complaining and simply letting them know I could’ve been hurt by that thing. It was situated low, and it was fragile, since I stood up and barely hit the damned fishbowl.

I guess I didn't want to assert myself, since I planned to eat there in the future and I certainly didn't want them spitting in my food...

That being said, I would really appreciate any gigs or sidelines you guys could refer me to in hopes of recouping this unfortunate loss. I haven’t had a magic show in quite a while, and I’ve been developing a lot of new magic for my routines lately, so it would be a huge help if I managed to do a show or two…

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