Monday, April 23, 2007

Political Barrage 2...

.:Genuine Opposition Ads Are Too Hot To Handle?:.

The G.O. Political Ads have been a hot-button topic for a while already, and I honestly still find it problematic that their best option for victory is to attack the administration much the same way John Kerry tried to win against George Bush during the 2004 elections in the United States.

I am not a Team Unity, Team Arroyo (T.U.T.A.) apologist, but neither am I a blind follower of the Grand Alliance of Genuine Opposition (Okay. Let’s skip the acronym on that.). I can’t find twelve senators I want in power, and it annoys me that the only thing G.O. can push for is that they are not T.U. That’s the crux of their campaign. They’re not the same. They can’t quite qualify how not being the same automatically means they are better, and it amuses me how all this party-jumping has been extremely laughable after how candidates from either side have hurled not-very-flattering words towards each other, yet I am willing to bet that some of them will be running on the same side in three or six years.

The attack the G.O. has been taking has been extremely ruthless, practically crucifying the current administration for the woes of this country, although I can’t really disagree with them on that count. Nonetheless, would they not be better served by showing what they as a group can do for the country? Why use the collective slogan of “a vote against those in power”, when they could ask for a vote on their own merits, and not on the demerits of the administration? Or is attacking T.U. really the only leg they can stand on?

They had better do better than that. The divisive and polarizing language politicians have been using this season have done nothing to help the country patch anything up. It’s been nothing but self-serving agendas being pushed left and right…

.:Noynoy's Aquino Amuses Me:.

Noynoy Aquino’s political ad where his mom, Cory Aquino, endorses him, is really witty.

I like how she says “I would vote for him even if he weren’t my son”, and how she says “I think he’d make a great senator. Kung hindi, lagot siya sa nanay niya.” (…If not, he’s in trouble with his mom.)

The commercial was light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, and emphasized a platform merely by echoing Ninoy and Cory.

Sure, he won’t get my vote, but his ad still deserves props.

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