Friday, April 27, 2007


.:If You Know Me As...:.

It’s been a few years since I last did this. I suppose it’s time I revisited this little bit and check out how people call me…

Marcelle Michael Bertrand Fabie y Timbol: You're weird. Can't you stick to something shorter?

Marcelle: You're most likely a college friend of mine, or you've worked with me in RX last summer onwards. If not, you simply aren't used to calling me "Marc", prolly because there are too many people named "Mark" to begin with. This name is often spelled as "Marcel" by the uninformed. Those who do know wonder why I was given a girlie name.

Marc: You're most likely a relative, someone who's close like my Beloved or the Divine or thinks he/she's close, or worked with me with RX two summers ago, and never got used to "Marcelle".

Fabie: You're most likely from my high school.

Fabs: You heard me during my first four days with WAVE 89.1.

Kel: You’re from or a listener of WAVE 89.1, or you’re Clair or some of my other friends who like calling me Kel. You might also be from The Story Circle.

Magi-Kel: You know me as Kel, and you saw me do magic.

Ertai: You're most likely Delamar, or Chico or Brad Turvey (When he was still with RX.), reading off my messages. You may have also known me from my earlier days in RX, during Chico and Delle's first run there.

Mister Vader: You either know me online, or through Chico and Delamar's KC days.

Voldemort/Voldee/Vold: You know me through Otakuboard, or through chatting with me on YM.

The Rush: You know me through Team Canada or Gamewinners.

Magic: You're an LJ friend of mine named Cammy, or one of her friends, who saw me perform magic tricks and never knew me except as "Magic"...

David Blaine: You’ve seen me do magic.

GTM/ATM: You're probably Peppy, or you read my LJ in 2004. A lot.

Ranma: You're probably my classmate in high school around second year or prior, during my Ranma 1/2 heyday.

Kurt Angle: You know me through something wrestling related, or RX. Same goes for The Rock and The Undertaker. I was never too well-known for any of these names, though.

Mars: You know me through my stint as a Mandaluyong City Youth Counterpart of their SK Chairperson. I could’ve sworn another group of people called me Mars too, but I don’t remember whom.

Bessie-Moo: You’re Estelle, my Bessie-Moo.

Bert: You're either Ato, Yaiba, Elvin, or Cyril. Not satisfied with Marcelle, they discovered my full name, and used the "Bertrand" to give me a nickname.

Mi Tang: You’re history.

Mogg Fanatic: You know me in RX during my active days at the time when Chico and Delle first left the station. The Divine used to call me Mogg for the longest time.

God: You've read my Philosophy or Theology thesis statements. ::winks::

Looking at the list, things haven’t really changed by much at all… people still know me however they knew me. Heh.

.:Industrious Is An Understatement:.

Fruit Haven’s saleslady is arguably the most industrious employee I have ever encountered.

You see, she mans the stall at Makati Cinema Square near the IAS office. During the afternoon, on a daily basis, she goes around the entire Mile Long area, asking people one by one if they want shakes. After she gets people’s orders, she then goes back and delivers the shakes ordered. Words cannot express my respect for how hard she works, considering she’s not even being paid on commission.

It’s too bad she plans to resign soon. I’m going to miss out on these awesome, awesome shakes. Jonas was considering pirating her, though, which to me sounds like a good plan.

Just imagine it. With someone as hardworking as that, how undeniably effective do you think she would be in marketing The Challenge Of The Super-Duper Friends?

I owe you guys another post in a few… heh.

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