Thursday, April 12, 2007


.:Extremely Delinquent:.

I'm posting only now because I've simply been offline for the past couple of days. That being said, that means I haven't been to work in quite a while as well.

You just know that can't be good at all...


So I spent some time with El and 'Elle the other day, and after dinner, I accompanied Elbert to Gateway as he went and got himself some groceries.

Well, at some point, we were talking about him getting a toothbrush, and after dismissing my offers for him to take mine (=P), we talked about the kind of toothpaste I can use for my sensitive gums.

Elbert then absent-mindedly quips...

Elbert: Diba, Marcelle, dinudugo ka?

He really could've phrased that better. We had a lot of amusing stuff going on that day, especially since an A1-N'Sync CD was playing... heh.

.:102 Kisses...:.

To celebrate the 102nd day we've been together, since we completely forgot about the 100th day. Of course, the kisses were over the phone, but they were as good as in real time... heh.

I love you, my Beloved!

.:A Lullabye:.

I wish I remembered what song she sang, but since I was having problems sleeping last Monday, I definitely appreciated that she actually went ahead and sang me a lullabye... sigh.

I know she sang "Stay" for me, though. I wish I can remember the other song she sang...

.:Movie Day...:.

This Thursday was a really great day for my Beloved and I, as we watched "Battle Royale" followed by "Windstruck" at her place. Lots of things have been going on, and I'm just glad that despite the hurly-burly, I still found the chance to have a few quality hours with her just so we could watch a few movies and enjoy each other's company. She really made my day this Thursday.

.:Career Reassessment:.

With my impending doom looming over my head, I may just no longer be a jock even before I get to resign. Well, whether or not that happens, I have pretty much resolved that I'm taking my education all the way to the Ph.D.

Just last Wednesday, I had an interview with the English Department, and it was pretty clear what the problem was: sure, I wanted to be in the academe, but why the English Department? Nothing in my resume said anything about them, and it simply didn't make much sense, to say the least.

I really didn't know what to say when she said all that, to be honest. She had a valid point, and I simply had no idea what the English Department would be to me beyond a way for me to hotshot my Masters.

After much deliberation, there is simply no other recourse for me: not the corporate world, not anything else, save for a Ph. D., and the academe.

On the other hand, developments in other fronts have been making themselves felt as of late... I just might be willing to give problogging a shot, even in a realm I never thought I'd end up really getting myself this into... you'll find out soon enough, I suppose, but there. I'll be vague for now because I don't want to jinx anything.

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