Monday, April 23, 2007

Political Barrage 1...

I’m going to try from now on to have more links when I make posts, so at least people can get backstories and the like when I write stuff…

This is especially true for today because I’m writing a politics-heavy post, so I need all the references I can get.

.:Manny Pacquiao Crushes Opponent In Ring… Time To Crush Opponent In Polls?:.

I know, I know. Belated news, but it had to be said, what with all the political hoopla going about. Manny Pacquiao, showing shades of a Mason “The Line” Dixon from Rocky Balbo because of how easy it almost seemed for him, handily knocked out the erstwhile undefeated Jorge Solis in 7 rounds.

While newspapers all over the country fawned all over his victory and cited it as a moment where “Filipinos of all walks of life united”, the underlying message was that it was time for his next opponent to get ready for him.

This time around, it wasn’t going to be in the ring. He is going to run for Congressman, no less, riding the wave of the adulation and admiration he’s been getting for winning. His opponent is crying foul play, but it won’t help them at all. In the eyes of a lot of people, Pacquiao is untouchable. However, unlike before, this claim is no longer as valid. He was booed in the Battle of Mactan, and the hoopla over him has waned noticeably but not necessarily significantly.

The misplaced nationalism in him has been a mixed bag. While it has inspired a lot of Filipinos, children training to box can be quite difficult to watch as they do get hurt a lot at such an early age, and teachers who give their students low grades just because they didn’t watch his fights have been just a few of the specific detriments of all this misplaced patriotic pride. Now, people are beginning to be warier of Pacquiao because of this political escapade, and you just know that his victory party was practically a proclamation rally that just reeked of star power politics.

This situation bears watching. If I were voting in his district, I’d practically abstain from voting for him or his opponent. Yech. Slim pickings.

That’s exactly why I can’t even find twelve names to put into my ballot come election day, and why I refuse to endorse any candidate, even if I intend to vote for them.

.:Campaign Jingles And Local Elections…:.

Lemme guess.. these local candidates for Councilor and the like did not pay for any rights to campaign songs, did they?

I would really like to know if they did, because if they just ripped a song and used it as a campaign jingle with no regard for the song’s composers whatsoever, then I do believe these people aren’t even worth voting for by their clear and utter disregard for proper decorum.

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