Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paths Taken...

.:Walang Kapalit:.

They are replacing Sana Maulit Muli with this show… well, while Piolo and Claudine are pretty good, I do feel queasy about the pseudo-incestuous themes of the plot, since Piolo and Claudine are step siblings in the show, and they fall in love with each other. There’s just something about it that really puts me off, truth be told.


I think as I spend yet another day here at Integrated Arts and Services trying to get people to check out how The Super-Duper Friends are doing, I’m realizing that the pipe dream of making it big in the radio industry just isn’t in the cards for me.

Three years down, and still, nothing. No recognition, no progression, and overall, just really a stagnation that has been driving me nuts. I can’t say I blame WAVE for it, really. At least, I now know better than to. You can’t expect a company to pay attention to all their employees, least of all the jocks they can’t even get up out of bed to listen to since it’s in graveyard.

That being said, here I am doing marketing for Jonas, and I’ve been considering a career in marketing in other places after the stint here, assuming I don’t end up working for Jonas on a more regular basis. I’ve applied for Google, and I’ve considered going to Singapore and shipping for work there.

But of course, the call of the academe still holds me. Even though the Communications Department didn’t find an opening for me to teach in this coming June, I still want to teach at some point, and the best way to accomplish that is by simply getting on with the show and finishing my Masters degree already, even if the Philosophy Department doesn’t really seem to like me that much anymore.

Ever since I left the department, I’ve been contending with regret. Considering what mainly led to me not teaching anymore, and the aftermath of that, and even the aftermath of that aftermath, I can’t help but feel it was a waste, but even then, I’ve spent well over a year mastering in Philosophy, so I guess I may as well finish it and take it all the way to Ph.D.

As the English Department has been very dubious as well over hiring me, it would like I definitely have to choice but to support my own Masters on my own, and that being said, diversify by taking up Cultural Studies or the like after my Doctorate.

Why Cultural Studies? Why not Communications or Film? Well, for one, I want to have a better grasp on Pop culture, and depending on what my inclinations are, I might specify myself into Asian or Philippine culture in order to really fill out a niche I can teach in. As a doctor of Philosophy with a masters degree in, say Asian studies, and a degree in Communications, I am more than capable of teaching Asian film with a Philosophical slant, for instance.

That being said, there are a lot of plans going on around me as of late, but I can be certain that going corporate with a Unilever or a Procter & Gamble is rather not likely at this juncture.

It seems like a good plan so far… the magic career is always around for me to work around with, but it definitely is far from the first thing I want to consider.

.:I Wish You’d Know Better…:.

I thought better of you than to think you’d do that. I wish you realized that… there is nothing I’d want more than to lay this matter to rest.

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