Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Some Random Thoughts...


So as I go on and spreading the word about what I feel is (I should get a trademark on this…) the biggest internet joke fad since The Juggernaut Bitch, and of course, I’m talking about The Challenge Of The Super-Duper Friends.

Marketing work isn’t easy. Producing results all around in a snap is not in the least bit simple, but I have to admit, seeing 42,000 hits on YouTube for the video, and over 140 favorites really makes me smile. Not bad for a week of traffic, especially since there’s traffic to consider on YouTube, Newgrounds, Devil Ducky, Daily Motion, and of course, the main site itself of the Super-Duper Friends.

The amazing thing is that people still don’t know that the video is actually Philippine-made, which means the people who made this video are not necessarily Democrats.

To be honest, I am still disturbed whenever I see Hillary Clinton as Reform Girl in a one-piece suit, but I am more disturbed when people run by me that they think she’s hot. I would sooner understand Condoleeza Rice as 9 Lives, but seriously, Hillary?!?

I’m honestly proud of the work I’ve managed to achieve so far, although I definitely didn’t do this alone. All the guys who have helped Jonas and I spread this video around are made of pure win!

.:My Beloved…:.

We met for a short while at her school today, and she wasn’t the least bit hesitant to be seen with me, although I wasn’t even so much as able to hug her since well, you know, it’s a campus, and all eyes were on us, truth be told.

In any case, I am more than happy that I managed to squeeze in that bit of time to be with her. My Beloved and I have had a lot of hurdles to go through, and I know I’m going to keep changing myself for the better because she deserves no less.

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