Friday, May 25, 2007

Randomicity On A Weekend....


Had a lot of work to do, but all in all, I'm managing.

It's really hard working when you just don't feel any motivation whatsoever. Boarding

at these ungodly hours is really taking its toll on me. I guess you can't really blame me

if my blogging gets more and more incoherent until I finally get out of this rut.

.:Been A While...:.

Found time to hang out with Camy today,

which was pretty nice, considering how busy the both of us have been. Marketing Jonas and his comics isn't difficult, but getting

people to actually check his site out is a bit... challenging.

Talking to her has proven most comforting. With all the crazy stuff going on with me

right now, she ironically told me to "uncomplicate" myself, which is good advice, even

if it does seem a bit weird coming from her. We talked about stuff on my way to work,

and I dropped her off as she pretty much gave me sound advice in finding the fine line

between a lot of things.

I guess I just have to appreciate having a friend like Camy. Never a dull moment with


.:A New Video...:.

Well, after buying quite a stack of videos from sir Bing, I ended up having another

video on YouTube.

I'll embed the video next time, or better yet, when I can direct all my discussions on

magic exclusively to my Magi-Kel weblog...


.:Separation Anxiety...:.

My Beloved is leaving for Singapore tomorrow, and already, I'm missing her so much.

I can't imagine how much more I'd miss her the moment either of us left for abroad...

sigh. I love her so much, and it does boggle my mind how we got to this point,

knowing all too well that when we started off, the idea of the two of us getting

together was probably laughable at best for her...

My Beloved, I hope you enjoy yourself in Singapore. I love you so much, and do stay

safe! I'm thinking of you a lot...

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