Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thoughts And Love...

.:What A Long Day...:.

While it's true I've been having loads of fun with Gia when we go on the air, the fact of the matter is that I am still dissatisfied with where I am in the radio industry. What really gets to me is that they would schedule a meeting that is horrible for the graveyard jocks.

What compounds this is that prior to this meeting, I had an agreement with management that a meeting at this time means a free pass for me to not board on the day in question.

With them ignoring that, well, there you go.

Nonetheless, Jean and I are pretty happy with how our show has been going lately. The rapport we have is definitely interesting to say the least, and not too many people can fault is with how real we are when we go on the air.

.:Monthsaries Are Important...:.

My Beloved believes monthsaries aren't that important. To me, they are.

You know why?

Because with each monthsary that we have, it means I've actually managed to survive another "time of the month" for her.

You have no idea how moody she can get during that time... =P

I love you, my dearest! (Saying "I love you, my Beloved" just sounds weird.)

.:She'd Fight For Me...:.

One thing I will forever treasure from my Beloved is the fact that lately, she's been practically unfazed whether or not her mom would find out about us.

As you all know, my Beloved and I kind of have to keep our relationship a secret from her family for a variety of reasons, so when she told me that if her mom found out and they asked her to leave home, she'd gladly pack her bags and go, I melted on the spot.

I guess I can never quite underscore how grateful I am that she feels this strongly about us. It feels wonderful to know that she cares about this relationship enough to want to fight for it now. Never in my life did I feel this conviction in the face of adversity from someone I love.

No words can express my happines..

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