Tuesday, May 22, 2007

World Comm Day And Something More Important...

.:It Was, Officially, Our First Month Together…:.

My Beloved and I celebrate two monthsaries… on 21, then on 28. Yesterday was our first official monthsary. Unofficialyy though, we are celebrating our 5th month next week. Hehe.

.:Delivering The Talk Yet Again…:.

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Happy World Communication Day!

Last April, my talk at I-Blog 3 resulted in a lot of further notoriety for me in the blogging circles, for all sorts of reasons. In line with my imminent launch of the still-dormant Magi-Kel weblog, I’ve been pushing my magic to the forefront as of late.

The hope, as most people know, is to become sort of an ambassador of Philippine magic to the internet community, as I continually update them about the goings-on within the magic community in the country, from the point of view of someone who is not affected by partisanship, hence the insistence on not being officially affiliated with any magic group.

That being said, one of the people I ran into during the second day was Sister Ding Paloma, a nun affiliated with St. Paul. She asked me to deliver my talk for other sisters and some other guests at the celebration of the 41st World Communication Day, and I happily obliged since for the most part, my talk was really done on the fly. I only came in there with a bare-bones outline, and my own unique, *ahem* visual aids.

That being said, I got to the Pauline press in Pasay raring to go. I had even less of a specific script to go by as I decided to just do away with a Powerpoint Presentation to underscore how creativity works even on the fly.

There were three other speakers, one was the former station manager of Radyo Veritas; the other was a blogger who compiled a video library of 2,200 videos for education purposes; the last one is a dubbing director for GMA-7. Each one of us had different takes on the idea of educating the youth and communication, and I have to say I was glad to have heard their ideas.

Rest assured I’ll get their full names soon enough, because at the moment, my memory is really fuzzy…

Anyways, when it was finally my turn to talk, my talk went like this…

I started by telling them what blogging is about. By establishing to them what a blog is and what a blog can do for them, I then told them that given their objectives for a blog, they have to have two things for them to be able to sustain a blog with an intent of educating the youth. The first is foresight. The second is an ability to think outside the box.

I discussed at length about writer’s block, and how it can be avoided by paying heed to the Artist’s Way. When it all comes together with exercises like looking at something and seeing it as something else and the Morning Pages, I then told them that the culmination of that is you would be able to write with a force of will that will allow you to really make an impact with your blogging.

I noticed that I tend to go on a lot of tangents when I spoke, though. I had anecdotes about everything from Chuckie Dreyfuss and Isabel Granada to Chavit Singson and Victor Wood. It was funny, really, but I should really learn to outline my talks better in the future.

Anyways, I performed three simple effects to get my point across:

1. When talking about foresight, I used Max Maven’s Disposable Color, followed by his Nile Derivation.

2. When talking about thinking outside the box, I used Charlie Justice’s Prohibition.

3. And of course lastly, when talking about force of will, I performed Morgan Strebler’s Liquid Metal.

I had really powerful reactions from the people, especially during the Nile Derivation and Liquid Metal. All in all, my presentation worked well, and the magic got my main points across excellently.

After the whole bit, I ended up having several photo ops with the other guests and Sister Ding as well, and a few other people got my calling card for further talks in the future. Well, let’s hope that pans out well enough by then.

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