Sunday, May 27, 2007

What What (In My Butt)

.:The Greatest Music Video Evarrr...:.

Ganked from someone named C.C. on MySpace...

This video is beyond description. It is a thing of awesomeness people should never do without.

Feel my pain!

.:I Need To Take A Chill Pill Myself...:.

Emotions are running high in one of the more controversial posts I've seen online as of late, about how one JM Chua allegedly punched one Mike Abundo.

Now, while I am admittedly only involved in this affair superficially as I was also at the Mangaholix event, I think I’m entitled to my opinion in saying that this matter has been just so incendiary and polarizing and there were times I wished everyone took a chill pill about it.

But then, I understand it’s gotten deeper than that. Notwithstanding the sexist comments that JM Chua supposedly “hits like a girl”, I feel that the entire issue over the course of the 200++ comments on the topic has been effectively derailed into another one of those discussions about Philippine Cosplay.

Quite frankly, it’s tiring already. I’m in no position to do a bloody thing about it, but I see friends of mine who get affected by this whole matter, and it can sometimes affect even people who aren’t supposed to be involved in this stuff at all.

Well, I guess some people do know all too well that controversy creates cash. Sure, you make a name for yourself, but at what cost? There are easier ways to get people talking about you without having to step on other people’s toes.

Well, having said that, I can leave my thoughts on it to rest and slowly back away from this whole mess. Back away r-eal slowly…

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