Tuesday, May 22, 2007




Dear Mr. Fabie,

While consideration of the recommendation of the members of your interview panel, of your submitted documents, & of the observation notes on your demonstration teaching had initially pointed out your strengths as a serious teacher candidate in the Department, further deliberation and consultation with colleagues in other Departments of the Loyola Schools strongly suggest that prudence is the better path to take. It is therefore with deep regret that I inform you that your application for a teaching position with the Department at this time was not accepted.

A hard copy of this notice will be mailed to you soon.


Dr. O

C h a i r
Department of English, School of Humanities
Loyola Schools

Sigh… more on this next time. Boy, do I have a mouthful to say about this.


Anonymous said...

hi mr fabie! hahaha! teacher ka namin noong summer@ too bad@ try again! i really liked the magic stuff!!! the lecture was also great!

Marcelle said...

Thanks! I'm teaching high school English in Reedley at the moment, but you never know. Maybe next year, I'll be teaching English in ADMU, or Philosophy, for that matter.

Glen 'Frank' Que said...

Good Luck! :D