Monday, June 04, 2007

The Weekend Once More...

I guess I'm happy that she's no longer worried about letting people know she's with me. I'm proud that she's with me. I'm thankful that she loves me so much. I'm thankful that she's given me the time of day when I once thought that I wasn't worth anyone's love.

At my lowest, she lifted me to my highest. At my worst, she brought me to my best. I can only imagine how much happier I can make her as I continue to strive to be the perfect man for her.

Too bad I can't find a really good picture of her online just yet...

I love you so much, Row!!! Mwah!

.:Talking All The Way Until The Stroke Of Midnight:.

So after quite a few hours of playtesting for last Sunday's tournament, I just really relaxed at home and spoke to Rowena all the way until I could already greet her a happy birthday at midnight. I was really happy that it counted for something to her.

In any case, we had a great time talking to each other. We actually ended up talking about religion, among other things, and for the most part, it's been all good. My Beloved really does give quite an interesting range of conversation, truth be told, and she is as intelligent as she is comely. It's awesome that I managed to have that opportunity to talk to her like that, although of course, it did mean I ended up showing up at our meeting place the next day only a few minutes after she got there.

I missed her so much, seriously. Having been away from her for quite a while since she was in Singapore, I certainly felt anxious as I waited for her to come back.

Now that she's back, I can say it was well worth the wait. Happy birthday to you, my Beloved!

.:Saturdate, Ish Her Birthday...:.

I know I still have to think it over what I should get my Beloved for her birthday, despite the fact that it's been a couple of days already. Nonetheless, with simply half of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, pigging out at Fazoli's, and a few hours in each other's company, and I have to admit it was definitely a wonderful time spent with each other.

I was just absolutely smitten the moment I saw her that day, even if she was a bit miffed at me. Rowena was just flat-out gorgeous, and nobody could possibly disagree with me on that. I guess I was even more intensely affected because of the fact that I haven't seen her in a while, and I missed her oh so terribly from the time she was in Singapore. Needless to say, I was extremely happy that I was part of the reason she had a great birthday.

Sometimes, I worry when she feels disappointed over my efforts. While it does bring me down, truth be told, I still take it as a challenge to try harder and make her happy. Perhaps I fell short of making her birthday spent with me the happiest birthday of her life, but I know all too well that I was still her cause for joy on that day.

I want to be her cause for joy every single day... I truly wish I would find that opportunity.


sasha said...

This is a long post but it's worth the read! :)

So you're resigning from work already. Goodluck on what the outside WAVE life will offer you. Hard to change something that you're used to, specially for creatures of habit like me hehe... But I'm sure you'll be okay.

And to your Beloved, you're one lucky guy to be perfectly happy and contented with your special someone. And it's sweet of you to want to be her cause of joy every single day.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Marcelle! You're still the most entertaining and NOT BORING speaker in iBlog3 for me! :)

Marcelle said...

I appreciate your kind words! If you have any more of those Blogger EB's going on, well, you have my calling card. =)