Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm See-Sawing...

.:My Beloved And I...:.

Have a weird anniversary.

You see, I started counting that we were together around December 28.

She started counting just last April 21.

So this week, we celebrated our second month together.

Next week, we celebrate our sixth month together.

Yes, I know. It's weird.

But I wouldn't trade it in for the world! ::blushes::

.:The ToyCon Aftermath:.

Two days of cosplayers, toys, games, Dance Maniax, and of course, magic. I can think of very few things that can be better than that.

In any case, much thanks to the people at the ToyCon for having me over for the past two days as I did my walkaround routines, and last Saturday, I even did it with a couple of other fellow prestidigitationists, Angel and Ernest, both from The Story Circle. Those guys were a hit with the other cosplayers, no question about it!

In any case, Day 1 was mainly just a walkaround-fest for me, as I went and did my schtick, which really got a lot of people talking, as I made sure that I used my best routines for the occasion. It was a long and tiring day, but I was priming myself up for Day 2, which was supposed to be my chance to go and do some magic onstage.

Amusingly enough, at the end of Day 1, I approached a girl to ask if I could do magic for her. It turned out to be Addy Dy, who was one of the first cosplayers I ever crashed for, and I don't think she was pleased that I didn't recognize her.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous page, I certainly hope that the hosts of the event (Not the hosts of the cosplay. Alodia and company were at least in tune with the people who were cosplaying.) would know better than to call arguably their best supporters, the cosplayers, "abnormal". It was a bit offensive, as they were insulting these people in their faces, which I found very uncalled for.

Anyways, with all the delays, I ended up being put on *after* the cosplay event, which meant I was going to face a rather dead crowd. It was bad and since I figured this wasn't going to be an appreciative audience whatever happened, I decided not to persist finishing with the blindfolded cube demonstration, and just went out on the strength of my hits with Disposable Color, Nile Derivation, Liquid Metal, and Osterlind's Fork Flower.

Truth be told, the best performance I had was when I did a quick routine for Edjie after the cosplay event. I walked up to her mom and asked her if I could do some magic, and I proceeded with Nomer's take on Max Maven's "Positive Negative", followed by the Lightning Box.

The people's reactions to the Box was eclipsed only by their reactions to my close-up finale, Liquid Metal, which definitely got people talking. I really am a fan of Liquid Metal, as it has been my reputation maker among laymen throughout the time I've been performing magic.

What I find ironic is the more that I tell them I'm not using any psychokinetic powers to achieve the effect (I pretty much give them Derren Brown's succinct and surprisingly honest explanation.), the more people seem to believe that I'm *really* using PK to do liquid metal. It's weird, but it's cool.

.:Back On Campus:.

It feels weird to be back here in Ateneo. I haven't been a student here since sometime in 2005, and I guess there were a lot of bittersweet feelings going on when I stepped back in there...

I guess I was happy because I certainly missed the academe. I certainly am happy that I have a lot of insights to go across when talking about Philosophy. Finally, I could start getting my mental faculties back in order, so it's great. Epistemology challenges me to know how it is to know. Modern Philosophy is going to take me along the road of Descartes once more, among other great thinkers. Advanced Metaphysics is going to be an awesome trek into being Being. Lemme just mention that I'm glad Mr. Calasanz is finally my teacher. Our three-hour class last Monday was made of pure win.

Anyways, I do feel a bit bad because of the bad stuff that happened while I was there. Everything from the memories about failures I've had, to rejections I've had, to the fact that I walk in there and nearly the only people I ever recognize in school are almost all faculty. It feels as if the mere year and a half I was gone was ample time for time to just pass me by and I completely missed the boat on it. I also feel as if it was such a waste that I never took a chance with my Beloved when we were still in the same school. It seems like it would've been wonderful walking with her, hand in hand, along campus.

It feels weird, but it makes me hopeful, in spite of the oddness of it all. I now come back to school with newfound confidence brought about my aptitude for magic, and with that, some measure of renown (or notoriety) as I at least have a niche to fill out, if all else fails.

I am willing to see my M.A. through now. This much, I told them.

.:Financial Crisis...:.

After next week, my marketing gig is up. Playlists are on hold until further notice.

Does this mean I must stay on with WAVE?

.:Befriending New People...:.

Elbert was in the area as well, but after class this morning, I took the time out to hang out with Edj (I seem to prefer calling her that over Alodia.) and a few of her other friends, like Ash (her sister), and Crissey (her cousin).

That being said, it was great getting to know them. Edj in particular is a very nice person, and it's a lot less difficult to approach her since there aren't 244,875 people hounding her all over.

In any case, at least I have a hangout when I want to just stay on campus for a bit. No complaints about that, and the new people I've met while I was in the Fine Arts lounge are really awesome.

Thanks, guys!

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