Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm Floating...

.:There’s A Thing To Be Said About…:.

Rabid fundamentalists.

While issues about homosexuality and evolution are up for debate if you’re really that hardcore about it, there are just some issues where an obvious lack of knowledge about a topic leads to a blanket dismissal of something.

We’ve already seen that in action on the Jack Chick tracts regarding Dungeons & Dragons. For crying out loud, even C.S. Lewis wasn’t spared in the tirade by Mr. Exposition at the end! Now, notice how the site mentioned above talks about rock music with a load of ignorance.

You see, during the heyday of jazz, it was also regarded as “the devil’s music”. Hades, just about anything that was new and a fad was considered Satanic by fundamentalists. You name it, they condemned it. Comics. The Matrix. Rock music. Jazz. Bossa. Pokemon. Spongebob Squarepants. Just about anything they could get their hands on, they’d try to condemn it, then make money out of it by writing books on their endless tirades against it. Who’s milking the cash cow now, huh?

The kicker “fundie” comic you have to see is their unintentional self-parody when they tried to parody Harry Potter, in a very contrived and cockamamie attempt to turn a fantastical book into a tool for Satan.

Sorry, but it’s the parents’ job to tell their kids if they feel anything is wrong with these books. It’s not a fundie’s job to proselytize to them the so-called evils of magic. I’ve performed my mentalism effects for sisters in the past already and not once has anyone walked up to me to warn me that I was delving into the occult (Which I’m not, by the way. But quite frankly, lumping rock music, Narnia, LotR, and heck, Pokemon into the “occult” category does make me go, wha?!?)

Ahh, rabid fundamentalists. How I love thee.

.:All Things Considered…:.

It’s been awesome going out with my beloved and just really having a great time, for the most part. Even if our relationship is far from perfect, what I believe makes all the difference in the world is how both of us genuinely have been fighting to make this relationship work in spite of all the odds.

Rowena and I spent just a bit of time while she was with her classmates preparing for a class presentation later. It was great, considering how little time we really had together, but her classmates were teasing her about us all day long.

Last Friday, she and I even went to watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday in Trinoma. Okay, so it wasn’t a great movie, but truth be told, the theatres there were splendid! The seats were so comfy, and it was a free seating affair, unlike other Ayala malls! What’s not to love, neh? Afterwards, I buried myself in work some more, but really now, Rowena has been so wonderful to be with, and even on our off days, I’m slowly learning how to take things in stride instead of rushing headlong into an argument…

It feels so good to get to say her name, too. Rowena, Rowena, Rowena, Rowena, Rowena… I love it.

.:Playtesting And More Fun:.

Hanging out and playtesting with my Team TX teammates was a load of fun last Saturday. It pretty much gave me all I needed for my second-place finish last Sunday at the tournament.

Team TX now has its official Greek deity.


Oh, and I hung out with Elbert, Johan, Estelle, and Myka at Eastwood last Saturday, after playtesting… heh.

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