Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm At A Loss For Words...

.:I'm At A Loss For Words:.

WWE.com has been reporting that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their 7-year old son Daniel were all found dead at home last Monday. What is stunning about this situation is that a few hours after the tributes and all, WWE is seemingly taking down any of the tributes for Benoit in light of new information that he may have actually killed his wife and son before killing himself, which just strikes me dumb.

I feel invested in this, knowing how big a fan I have always been of Benoit. He and Kurt Angle were two of my favorite wrestlers to this day, and while I can easily separate the wrestler from the man, the fact that most signs point to foul play on his part just feels devastating.

I cannot in good conscience write a tribute to a man whose last living act as a human being was to take the life of his own wife and son. I cannot in good conscience gloss over this looming possibility while celebrating his contributions to the wresting business.

It just doesn't feel right, and the only sincere thing I can offer is that may he rest in peace, and he was a great wrestler. I can only withold my opinions of him as a human being until after concrete evidence of what happened there comes in.

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