Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Thoughts...

.:Lazing About To Good Effect:.

Things have been so slow this past weekend, but I am definitely primed about the stuff I have lined up for me.

Last Saturday night, I even had the opportunity to successfully demonstrate the blindfolded rubik's solve. While my last attempt went only two out of three layers, I think that had much to do with the fact that my head was hurting already from all the mentalism I was doing that night.

In any case, it was a pretty good night, really. I even managed to have a teach-in with Doc Ronnie as he asked me how to a cube, and I gladly obliged him. It's a very helpful tool, to say the least, and while the Petrus Speed Method is the best one for speed considerations, the traditional layer method is the one that builds up excitement when you have spectators watching you in action.

.:It's Good To Be Getting Our Old Groove Back Again...:.

Rowena and I found the time to go out last Saturday, and we definitely had a great time together. The day started off by meeting in McDonald's Quezon Avenue, and from there, we headed off to Bellini's in Cubao, where we had a delectable lunch, and I completely acted like a klutz to thereby nullify any pogi points I may have scored at that point.

At one point, I was even joking and dancing around at the table, and my hand ended up hitting my spoon, which promptly flew up, and landed on the floor. My Beloved was laughing her head off, which was a better reaction than being embarrassed by me.

Officially, this was the first time we had a proper date in a sorta-swanky restaurant, and I'm glad I managed to give her that experience as I know she definitely liked our time together. We even went to my place afterwards, where we watched "The Holiday". I loved the movie. And I loved the fact that after a couple of rough weeks, me and my Beloved were finally back in the groove, so to speak.

I thank my stars that Rowena is in my life. I have been a lot happier than I ever have by sheer dint of her being there with me, through all the twists and turns. I can't quite emphasize that enough...

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