Monday, January 14, 2008


.:Happy Birthday!:.

It was my uncle's birthday last Friday, and I was nothing short of chuffed about being able to really do well as a host for the festivities back there, as I had some pretty good zingers interspersed in the spiel, such as when they saw Uncle Raymund's music video, and I pointed out that he composed, arranged, and even shot the video for this. Amusingly enough, I mentioned that even the people in the video were also him, repeatedly shooting himself against a chroma wall.

When my grandfather was about to speak, I kindly pointed out that he should keep it only to five minutes, to the amusement of the audience, but it was all taken in stride, as the people I ribbed while I was onstage were all really good sports.

I must say that his birthday celebration was a really good one. I even got the chance to perform a bit of my walkaround routine upon request of the family, and I certainly did my share of entertaining them outside of the hosting bit. It all worked out for the best, since I know for a fact that the people definitely enjoyed the party, what with bands like Biv, Southwind, and Metafour in the fray, among other things.

It's been a great start for my year, so far. With two bookings this month alone, and a lot of other promising stuff coming up, it just might be one of my better years yet.

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