Friday, January 11, 2008

This Is A Surprise...

.:No Internet?:.

Except for this computer I"m using right now, it would appear the entirety of Reedley is currently offline. It's a bit annoying, to say the least, but hey, what can I do? I guess I ought to just be thankful that at least, I have this particular computer to work with.

That sounds like the bell already, but I think I can hack a few minutes regardless, before I head off to my class.

I'm a bit stoked at the moment because I finally made a walkaround wallet for my walkaround routines. The walkaround wallet is perfect because it has all the tools I need for a full-blown close-up mentalism show of five to twenty minutes, depending on the level of interest that I manage to attract from my spectators.

With lots of pockets to help me out, I was able to contain a few playing cards, a pack of ESP cards, a few sheets of paper, some coin envelopes, calling cards Blindsight, a Sharpie, and a host of other tools that any mentalist worth his salt would be wont to leave home.

I'm pretty happy having this little handy tool on my side. It keeps me organized, and it ensures I have everything I need for when I approach anyone to perform.

It works. It really does.

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