Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Happened Last Saturday

.:PTC Props And Slops:.

I was touched to hear from some parents about the influence rubik's cubing has imprinted on their children. Last Saturday's Parents-Teachers Conference was quite an eye-opener for me as I heard two parents tell me how rubik's cubing has really changed their child for the better.

An especially endearing moment was the fact that one of the children actually had ADHD, and I never even knew about this. All throughout, I was genuinely surprised because this student never showed me any signs to make me think that this student had ADHD. To be told that through my help, as well as the student's classmates, that the kid was finally living up to their potential was a huge shot in the arm, and a very heartwarming reminder to me of why I teach, to begin with.

Teachers touch lives. Through circumstances beyond them, they are given a great power and an even greater responsibility to help their students become the best that they could be. For the opportunity to have done that for this schoolyear thus far, I cannot be grateful enough.

Unfortunately, I'm also receiving a slap on the wrist (A painful one, at that.) for a goof-up at work. I think I deserve it though, because I'd hate my teacher for sure if it happened to me and it went uncorrected. It's just fair, I guess...

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