Monday, January 21, 2008


.:Meeting Viking:.

Viking is quite the character. After having met him with Nomer and the other members of P.E.N. a couple of times, I have to say we're all the better for having him on our side rather than against us.

That being said, he's been really fn to hear from, to say the least. No question about it, in my opinion: he's one heck of a guy, if last Friday's and Sunday's meetings were any indication.

.:Fume, Fume:.

I got into a huge argument with my Uncle over the weekend because he decided to take offense to my asking him for directions.

Well, gee whiz. How can I not ask for specific directions when our conversation went something like this over SMS...

Me: Hi there! How's uncle Terence? Will you be guys just be home tonight?

Him: Hi, Marc. We're having dinner at 7PM. Join us.

Me: At your house, right? Great! I'll be there.

Him: No, at Gulliver restaurant.

Me: Where is that? I need directions...

Him: Formerly Aberdeen Court.

Me: I'm really not sure where that is. Is it in Timog? Eastwood? San Juan? I need to know the general area...

This is the part where he promptly blows up at me.

I don't know about you, but it's not my fault if I had no idea where Gulliver is, if the only "directions" I received is it was "formerly Aberdeen Court". I asked for directions, not a history lesson. If I came off as "obnoxious" or "arrogant" or whatever else complaint he may have had about my last message (Which bore no ill will. I had no idea where the place was!), I think it's fair enough for me to call his answer to my request for directions as an act of idiocy.

Sorry, I really can turn out to be quite the jack@$$ to idiots.

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