Thursday, January 24, 2008


.:Heath Ledger's Dead...:.

Yeah, the news has run its course already. It's sad, truth be told.

.:Sweeney Todd!:.

When you have a film with Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen, *and* Alan Rickman all singing, you just know you have a thing of awesomeness in your hands.

Watching this film with my Beloved and a few of my friends was just really made for an awesome weekend, to say the least.

.:Loaded Calendar:.

Four bookings in one month? No complaints there! =P

Work may be swamping me right now, but despite that, it's all good for me. I know my blogging's been taking a hit, as I've mostly been posting briefly, but I'm sure that would change once the schoolyear is over.

Still, I have some fun stories to share about my clubs. I ought to get around to that next time.

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