Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Golden Globes Are Canceled!


Yes, you heard it right, there will be no Golden Globe Award Ceremonies this year. Instead, it will be replaced by a news conference to announce the winners, as the actors, in solidarity with the writer's union, has decided to no-show the awards, resulting in a gaping black hole for the ceremony's guestlist.

This shouldn't really come as a surprise to people who've been following the progress (Or lack thereof) of the WGA strike, although admittedly, I'm not too broken up over missing out on another chance for the industry to fellate itself aggrandizingly and pat itself on the back for "a job well done", particularly since this was a horrible year for movies. I seriously cannot think of five good movies that came from 2007, and for the most part, even the movies I personally found good are films I'm sure would never win any Oscars, like, say, Blades of Glory or 300.

Well, better luck next time. Maybe if we're lucky, the Oscars this year can get canceled, too.

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