Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wow, Schoolwork

.:In My Haste...:.

... I forgot that I'm not just a teacher, but a student as well.

You see, I've been up to a lot of work as of late, doing stuff for Reedley, particularly since we're launching the intra-school debates. It's already the fourth quarter, so I'm really trying to make a genuine go at finishing this schoolyear with a bang.

That being said, I ended up leaving my schoolwork to the wayside as a result, and I figure I haven't been giving ample effort in my Philosophy classes. I didn't do particularly well for Dr. Angeles' first quiz, so I definitely need to remedy that situation, but fast.

There's also a few reports, a few papers, and a few articles I need to accomplish or read. I've been finding myself lacking so much time lately, but I have to manage. That's really the challenge of the issue. I was never the king of time management when multi-tasking, after all, though I still somehow manage to get things done in time.

.:Hey, You Never Know.:.

As a favor to a friend, I'm letting you know about a Singapore Franchise Opportunity. Do check it out, as you never know. Singapore's really on the rise economically lately, and if my applications there have been any indication, Singapore is rife with chances to go places.

.:Playtesting A New Deck:.

I've been heavily testing a new combo deck for Magic: The Gathering lately. I feel very confident about the way the deck runs, although a few card choices remain to be discussed, mainly the inclusion of two cards that I sincerely want in my deck: Mind's Desire, and Fact or Fiction.

You see, the main problem with the deck I'm testing right now is it doesn't have nearly as many bombs as Grim Long or Pitch Long, since the deck runs Force Of Will, Duress, Thoughtseize, and even Misdirection, not to mention many good 1CC draw spells that are only marginally good when flipped over by Mind's Desire.

Mind's Desire is a great card, nobody doubts that. The problem is, in this deck, there doesn't appear to be too many good bombs to unleash with Mind's Desire, which is mainly why I'm rooting for including Fact or Fiction in the deck to at least add one more threat in the deck that Mind's D could potentially flip over.

Unlike most combo decks I play, this deck averages a storm of 4 before being able to cast Mind's Desire, which is just an abysmally low number for Mind's Desire, to begin with. The fact that I can only count 10 genuine bombs in the deck, as opposed to 12 genuine bombs in Pitch Long, and 15 genuine bombs in Grim Long, the lower threat density means less opportunities to flip a game-ending card to Desire. The fact that the deck doesn't run a full set of Power 9 also means that it will inevitably play slower than either PL or GL.

Well, what can we expect from this deck in the future? We'll find out soon enough. I'm continuing tweaking and testing it, and unfortunately, I'm still more confident running Doomsday than this new deck, which is really a crying shame, when you think about it.

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