Tuesday, February 05, 2008


.:No, I Don't Want, Nor Do I Need, A Fling...:.

Some girl (I *hope* it's a girl.) was bugging me over text the other day, trying to get to know me and all of that stuff. Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm not awfully fond of chatter for its own sake, and so was mostly brushing aside any attempts at talking to me, since for starters, I didn't even know her name.

Next thing I knew, she was asking me if I had a girlfriend, to which, despite the whole complicated setup I'd rather not get into, I answered "yes".

What I got next just made me really pissed off for the day...

"Would you like to have a fling? She doesn't have to know."

Right then and there, I snapped at her and asked her to not text me again anymore. I'm not exactly the paragon of virtue, but I've worked really hard to earn people's trust, so it's a matter between myself and my conscience if I actually bothered taking up Ms. Anonymous here on her offer.

What ticks me off about this whole thing is that there really are people out there who just have seared consciences about things like these. I personally cannot fathom doing this to my Beloved, especially not after everything we've gone through already, and for Hades' sake, I don't even know the girl's name!

I guess combine that with the fact that I absolutely abhor the concept of a "txtmate", and you can tell why I was exceptionally harsh when I rebuffed whoever that girl was.

.:Speaking Of Annoyances...:.

Mr. Yoso just got himself owned some more, when he decided to go completely ad hominem and attack my "personality" and all of that, instead of just owning up to the plain and simple fact that for an English "major", he's an idiot at the language.

I just got to thinking that maybe he thought being an "English major" was really a rank kind of thing, that you're not good at English unless you're an English GENERAL.

Whatever the case may be, I'm through dealing with this moron.

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