Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Unicorn

.:My Hopes Of Being OIC For A Day, Dashed! Dashed, I Tells You!:.

I guess I won't be in class tomorrow, either. That's too bad...

Darn, I'm soooo waiting for a vacation. There are so many Value Hotels in the Philippines, and I haven't even gotten further than Luzon!

.:The Unicorn:.

Ever notice how guys sometimes seem to always go for someone they know they can never have?

Ever notice how their interest in that girl rapidly dwindles when they *finally* win that person's heart?

Let it not be said there's no name for this condition. There simply are people who spend their entire lives trying to win the hearts of people whom deep down, they know, they can never have. They are, to put it in TLC terms, "Chasing Waterfalls". It's not about being able to get someone they want so bad. It's actually about going after someone they realize they can never have.

Maybe it's because the girl is a celebrity, and she's clearly out of his league. Or maybe the girl has a boyfriend. Or maybe because she's jailbait (::shudders::). Or perhaps it could be simply because he's not her type at all. It doesn't really matter what the reasons why he can't have her are. It's simply about the fact that there's no way he can have her, and that, in truth is what gets him going in the morning.

This, my friends, is the Unicorn Effect.

Unicorns are fictional characters praised for their beauty. In some legends, it has been said you can never catch a Unicorn. To some, the appeal of the Unicorn is precisely that you can see it, observe it, but you can never quite capture it, preserving its beauty from contact with unworthy old you.

And it's not just endemic to guys. Girls do this a lot, too, although it's mostly the whole "Bad Boy" schtick they have going. We go for Unicorns because the thrill is in the chase, and a part of us hopes that we never really get to catch them, because by then, they'd no longer be a Unicorn.

The Unicorn Effect is ruthless, and is an undying source of unnecessary suffering that people inflict upon themselves. Many people are guilty of this, and they don't even realize it. I have countless friends who keep on pining for girls who they know they can never be with, and never get to appreciate whoever they're with simply because it's all about the Unicorn. It's all about chasing after that which we know we can never catch like some lovesick puppy. We hurt ourselves as we keep on following after them, never accepting the fact that it just won't work. In the unlikely event that it actually does, we then realize that we don't even want it.

It's the Unicorn Effect. And until you learn how to disdain the things you cannot have (Law 36 of the 48 Laws Of Power), you will discover, much to your chagrin, that you can never have you want, because what you truly want is to never have.


The Grainary Corp. said...

may i copy the unicorn effect to my blog? XD

Kel Fabie said...

As long as you credit me, sure!

The Grainary Corp. said...

Yee. Thanks! XD