Sunday, February 17, 2008

Posting Later, But A Tidbit...

.:Cross-Posting Insanity:.

I accidentally cross-posted nearly my entire blog on my Multiply site, which has resulted in a lot of inconvenience for me, personally.

Anyways, I'm slowly deleting entries from there until I can go back to just relying on my blogger and LJ as my only genuine blogs of note.

.:Teacher's Day Reflections:.

Kim Do Young was my student teacher for the day, and she acquitted herself well as she stepped into my shoes for a day. Since it was a Friday when she took my place, she had to deal with going to three classes for two periods each, which is arguably one of my heaviest days as is.

In any case, I was extremely proud of her, because she really handled teaching well, and the faculty room was quite a cornucopia of wackiness on that day, seeing how the students were there with us, which really added to the sheer mayhem we usually experience there as is.

I realize now that Teacher's Day was the reason Eileen (Her English name.) asked me about my favorite food. Remembering how often I ate Yellow Cab during parties, I ended up with one, and I very nerly finished the whole thing during lunch.

All in all, with the teachers and students just enjoying each other's company that day, Teacher's Day was a roaring success. I can't stress enough how amazing it was, from jokes to mini magic shows to a presentation from the students where they actually sang "Thanks To You" for the teachers. It's easy to say that we're all jaded and unaffected by these things, but I'm a sucker for sentimentality, and today left a huge smile on my face, to say the least. I really felt it was an amazing day for all of us.

Chalk up one more reason why I love Reedley.

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