Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Single Awareness Day

.:When I Think About It...:.

So there I was, listening to juicy details about my students as they conducted interviews with each other, and while I found their interviews to be mighty interesting (And no, I'm not saying.), it got me to thinking about how close we are to February 14.

Single Awareness Day.

Every single year, I have some words with this day. Never mind the fact that to my recollection, I've never been single during February 14 for the past seven or so years, but even then, I find the whole point of Valentine's to be such a pain to deal with, in all honesty.

At this point, sending someone flowers is just so passe. While I know there are more creative ways to tell someone how much you like or love them, what gets to me is that it's been an excuse for a lot of people to be jack@$$3$ to each other for 364 days in a year, so long as they "make up for it" tomorrow.

I have a problem with the greeting card mentality being insensitive to people who are single, and I know it's a bit hypocritical of me and it's guilty of the slippery slope of "Mother's Day" being insensitive to orphans. Regardless, Valentine's day really feels like such an excuse for shelling out money and pointless merriment. While here we are, giving Hallmark and Dangwa their huge paydays, so many people will just find themselves lost in the mire while bigger fish are left out of the frying pan.

Whether it be about the Sumilao issue, or Lozada, or any other issue right now, I think since I'm not seeing my Beloved tomorrow anyways, I'd really pretend Single Awareness Day doesn't exist and it's not happening tomorrow. I honestly have better things to occupy myself with, and for me, let's face it... every single day is an opportunity for Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be February 14.

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