Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming To Reedley This Saturday...

.:If You're From Reedley, Don't Miss Out On This!:.

Blogging 101 is a special seminar happening this Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon, right here in Reedley International School. Here, you're going to find out about the basics of blogging, and get some of the best advice on blogging from two of the top bloggers in the country, and overall great friends of mine to boot, Anton Diaz, and Jayvee Fernandez.

It's going to be a blast and a half, and I can assure you of that, even if I won't be there (I'm double-booked this Saturday. Sorry about that!) to be in on the fun.

So yeah, go ahead and check it out! Maybe one of the Reedley students could turn out to be the next big Filipino blogging phenom!


jayvee f. said...

mr ong told us that you perform magic for the faculty during your spare time :)

Marcelle said...

Of course! For promotional purposes, as always. :p