Friday, February 29, 2008

Home Stretch!!!

.:Booked Yet Again!:.

I have two bookings this weekend, then two bookings again in two weeks, then another booking on the 28th! I know April bookings seem a bit iffy on the horizon, but I guess it's all good then that I'm willing to save up for a rainy day at the moment, so I'm doing rather okay as far as my income flow goes.

Of course, the upcoming Mindstorm TV show is also a boon for me, to say the least. I already have most of the pieces of the puzzle in play, and it's all a matter of execution for me now.

.:Found My Student's Blogs:.

I noticed that a lot of my students have started blogging already, and tracking their entries down gave me a smile on my face since it turns out a few of them actually started blogging because of me.

In any case, I'd normally give teh link lurve for you guys to see their entries, but I don't want to embarrass them, since some of their entries do get a mite... surreal.

In any case, it's nice reading their thoughts. Glad to know that we have a few promising writers in the future, judging by the content some of them have.

.:All Videos In:.

I still have to watch Carnegie's vid, but I'm glad all three class musicals are already in my hands. I especially love Yale's production values, and so far, Columbia has followed the storyline of Catcher closely enough for me to really know what the source material was. I'm witholding my opinion on which video I found the best overall until I see all three...

Nonetheless, it was a hoot how Yale reacted to the knowledge that Carnegie watched their presentation. One of my students glared at me all throughout... heh.

.:The Atheistic Challenge:.

I finally settled on a topic for my Philosophy paper, and I decided to look into ethics and metaphysics by citing the atheist's point of view when it comes to these matters.

You see, atheists will often debunk theism on so many grounds, and say that theistic metaphysics as a basis for ethics is flawed. While their arguments may have merit, their outright rejection of metaphysics leads to a very untenable ethical position for them, since they no longer have any universal basis for their call to ethics.

As such, I decided to go into an analysis of Heideggerian metaphysics, itself neither theistic nor atheistic, in hopes of finding a more sensible ethical basis that is secular and allows for a universal rather than relativistic approach to morality.

After all, the biggest problem with relativistic morality is there becomes no compelling feature to follow it, since it doesn't apply to everyone. Establishing a secular metaphysics would hopefully offset this concern.

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