Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Birthday Wish From The King Of Wishful Thinking...

.:A Birthday Wish That Won’t Come True…:.

As some of you know, my birthday is coming in, oh, a little over a month.

What you may not know is given how horrible this year has been for me on nearly all fronts, I am thoroughly disinclined from celebrating my 25th birthday. Finally, an annual tradition for my friends is broken, and I simply don’t have the heart to organize anything. Not to mention that my birthday falls on a Monday, so meh.

In my mind, there was one party I wanted to organize, but I know it would never achieve fruition. It’s just me being the king of wishful thinking once more…

I call it a “Bury The Hatchet Party”.

In my mind, I’d invite all the people I used to be good friends with, but for one reason or another, we’re no longer cool with each other.

In my mind, we’d eat, maybe even drink, maybe watch movies, have fun, and reminisce about the times we were great friends, or in the case of some, a great couple.

In my mind, they’d only leave the party when things are cool between us again, and I’d finally rediscover some of my erstwhile friends and perhaps even become close to them once more.

In my mind, this would be the happiest birthday I’d ever have, as I finally end longstanding hurts, feuds, and even heartbreaks. After weeks, maybe months, maybe years of all this drama, I get to end it all and finally be at peace with myself.

And sadly, “in my mind” is all this hope could ever come to be…

Because in reality, the only time they’d bury the hatchet is when they can bury it in my face.

And that’s why I don’t think I want to celebrate my birthday this year. And why I don’t think I’d have a birthday by next year, for that matter.


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