Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Grab Bag In Bulletpoints...

.:My Apologies…:.

Due to crazy stuff going on in my life right now, I think I have to hold off on writing about Diane’s and Mark’s wedding, as well as the Influential Bloggers night…

Having said that though, lemme rip off a few pictures from Jac for your amusement, and give you some bullet points of what piqued my interest in both events…

Click the links for the pics, all pictures came from Jac Ting Lim.

The Wedding:

- The groom had his hair cut. I almost didn’t even realize it was him!
- I hosted the reception and was wearing a ridiculously white suit.
- I also did magic during the reception, and my Beloved was even there. She was the assistant for the infamous rope trick.
- As if the yaoi-ish moments weren’t enough, I hitched a ride home with Mario. In the bridal car. Yes. Two well-dressed men are in a bridal car. Umm… congrats?

The Influential Bloggers Night:

- I didn’t win $100! Grumble. =P
- As usual, I introduced myself to everyone as Marcelle Fabie from a certain infamous website carrying a certain infamous blogger’s name.
- I didn’t win $100! Grumble. =P
- The night’s music started off 80’s, and as a clamor for a Rickroll grew, the genre promptly shifted to contemporary hits. Whut?
- Did I tell you yet that I didn’t win $100? Grumble? =P?

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chrrrmaine said...

LOL at the yaoi-ish moments! =))