Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Canceled?

.:Eraserheads Reunion Concert Canceled: Don’t Blame DOH. Blame Marlboro:.

There is much buzz over the news that The Eraserheads’ Reunion Concert is officially canceled.

We all know that the main reason at this point is that the Department Of Health has specifically refused to issue a permit for the concert to push through simply because of the existence of one Republic Act 9211 (Read Section 4, letters L and ironically, Q. It clearly says the E-Heads concert is a no-no.), which forbids tobacco companies from advertising, promoting, and the like. Sponsoring an event like this easily falls in line with that.

I find it sad that most people register their anger at the Department Of Health for acting out what the law says. We can all say that there are “more important things to focus their attention on,” but isn’t it terribly convenient for us to want the DOH to look the other way when it benefits us? Such hypocrisy to the value of the law should not be tolerated, and is downright pathetic. We castigate others for violating the law, but we willingly wish to look the other way when it would serve our purpose well.

Is there any wonder then why the Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries in the world?

The Eraserheads concert is, in all likelihood, canceled, and it’s obvious why it ought to be so. While we are quick to complain about the DOH and decry how they are “grandstanding” and trying to cause a scene, we seem to be very ignorant of the fact that it doesn’t take an idiot to know Marlboro was wrong in even trying to stage this event, so either Marlboro was being incredibly stupid, or they played their cards right to generate massive publicity without having to really advertise.

At this point, whether or not the event pushes through, Marlboro already got their money’s worth as far as public awareness about them is concerned.

This was a ploy from the get-go. It’s incredibly irrational to think that Marlboro didn’t realize this was going to happen. They played this out, and now, they get to reap the benefits… instant awareness. And assuming the concert doesn’t push through, with no advertising whatsoever.

For people to demand DOH back off is just plain ludicrous.

If we’re going to level unreasonable demands, we may as well demand that Marlboro back off, and offer the event to another, less controversial, sponsor. There is no reason to crucify the DOH for doing their job.

Don’t blame DOH. Blame Marlboro.


Anonymous said...

How to blame Malboro, heto nga sila at nag-eefort para ma produce ang concert, tapos na cancelled lang di ba!!! So sino ang dapat Sisihin?

Marcelle said...

They know what they're doing is illegal. Of course it's their fault.

P.S. The show will go on. But Marlboro backed out. See how that works?

Next time, learn to respect the law of the land before complaining and pointing fingers.

daniel the lifesaver boy! said...

ang tanga naman nung mga ipinapasa ang sisi sa DOH. e malinaw na ngang 'di pwede yung ginawang yun ng marlboro na mag-sponsor ng concert...e d'yos ko, mula no'ng in-implement yung RA9211, wala nang cigarette brands na nag-sponsor ng kahit ano'ng event outside of broadcast...

you know that i'm a yosi boy...pero deadma na lang ako sa kawalan ng mga cigarette ads d'yan sa 'tin--nasanay na rin kumbaga...