Friday, August 22, 2008

More On Inquirer. Net!

.:Blogged By Mr. Villafania!:.

Much thanks to Alex Villafania for featuring me not only on video, but even via blog. It's funny to note though that this interview and video was shot a while before the Kel and Jay show really got into full swing, so as you can see, there was no mention of my Penn and Teller influences, and only my disdain for Valentino was mentioned, without my tempering counter-opinion of how exposure can be good when used to enhance a performance...

Having said that, this was a really great piece written by Alex that I feel captures what I've been doing for magic the last couple of years, sans of course the more recent developments. It's a nice snapshot of how I was four or so months ago, although the sad part of all this is the fact that by the time this came out, Campus 99.5 was already reformatted, so even that blurb about me training there is... dated.

Thanks, Alex! This is awesome!

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