Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colossally Cool Cakes! And Also Alliterations!

.:Thank You, Red Ribbon!:.

"Be captivated and enamoured by Red Ribbon’s first ever creation in its line of Premium Selections -- the New Coffee Walnut Bavarian. No less than a symphony of extraordinary flavours, combining exquisitely smooth coffee and Kahlua cream in decadently moist chiffon, adorned with walnuts, cocoa powder and dark chocolate bars. No doubt, it makes for the perfect gift."

In a nutshell, this tasty description of the Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake certainly does the actual cake justice. With quite a few bloggers over at Red Ribbon Libis last night, the cake was certainly quite a sight to behold and a marvelous treat for all who were there.

I can't say much else other than it was a great event with awesome company all around, from the Fudistas to Juned to Sire to Animetric to Jane to pretty much everyone else, and of course, you should try the cake for yourself. You don't have to take my word for it... the cake will convince you. The cake is not a lie... heh.

In any case, thanks to Red Ribbon for having us over! It was a load of fun, and it was really amusing to find out exactly how many slices of the Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake it would take to get somebody buzzed... I'd tell you who found out firsthand, but I think I'd rather not be the source of this "news"... =D

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