Friday, December 05, 2008

Totally Tuesday...

.:Events, Meetings, Guestings, Oh, My!:.

Tuesday must've been one of the fullest non-work-related days I've ever experienced in my life, what with finding myself completely swamped with stuff that just really made for an overall awesome experience...

.:Unang Hirit, Part 2!:.

I didn't sleep anymore because I knew Jay and I were going to guest for a second straight time on Unang Hirit pretty early in the morning. I had to meet up with Carl from TSC just so I can learn the levitation routine, and I didn't catch a wink when the service fetched me at 2:30 in the morning.

When Jay and I got to GMA, we found ourselves surrounded by other magicians, one of them who happened to look suspiciously like Manny Pacquiao. At the same time, it was my first time to meet Mr. Rannie Raymundo in person, so admittedly, it was quite an honor for me and Jay, to be highlighted the way Mr. Raymundo was in the throng of other amazing and skilled performers that day, mostly members from Magfi.

We had the chance to perform our Gypsy Mystery escape routine, and it was quite a hit with the live audience. It was also quite hectic backstage, as since it was an anniversary show, Lyn Ching's birthday, and a live show in their new studio, we had to squeeze in time to actually rehearse Lyn Ching for the levitation since she might panic and break her trance.

This was of course a perfect opportunity to carry Ms. Ching in my arms, hehehe. She was rather light, actually.

Unfortunately for us, we didn't have the time to perform the levitation. Too many elements in the show were going on all at the same time, so we ended up having to parlaying into a third appearance for Unang Hirit in the near future...

I personally can't complain, truth be told. That's yet another opportunity for us to strut our stuff at the show, and they've been nothing but gracious to us. The hosts even remembered us as the mentalists from the previous week!

I was going to be late for a meeting with a client due to the guesting, but thankfully, contact person caught me on TV, so they understood why I was late...

Much thanks and love to Unang Hirit for having us over again!

.:The Superbowl Of China Experience:.

The same night, I went to the Yehey event for Superbowl in Trinoma, where we discovered just how amazingly cool this restaurant really is.

I mean, granted, the food is a given, from the awesome Lemon Chicken to their Dimsum to their Yang Chow, but what really rocked about the event was the kitchen tour. We met the head chefs of Superbowl, and they graciously explained to us why the kitchen was set up the way it was. Everything from the way things were set up in the entire kitchen, to the high flame, to the “squash wall” for frying rice, was just amazing to witness.

The Marketing Manager, Bob, was really gracious and fielded our questions about the restaurant, including a really nice anecdote involving Greenbelt 3 and their other brand, Big Buddha. Nonetheless, it was definitely a really cool night, and we can't thank Yehey and Superbowl enough for giving all of us a great night of food and information.

.:Route 196's Rick Astley Night: Not So Rick Astley...:.

Immediately after the Superbowl event, I headed off to Route 196 for the Rick Astley night, with Halik Ni Hudas, Project 2, Roots Of Nature, and Ciudad.

Admittedly, with only one Rick Astley song per band, this was really not much of a Rick Astley night, to begin with. Despite that, it was still fun, considering how much the four bands performing that night had to offer.

I mean, a lot of people pretty much know how great Ciudad is. One of the bands that performed at Elbert's surprise birthday party a couple of years ago, they're a really good band, and tonight was no exception. Plus, they sang “Cry For Help”! How can I not love those guys?

Roots Of Nature was just awesome melodically. They played music that really brought the crowd to quite a frenzy, and their remake of “Shout” by Tears For Fears was really stupendous. If you ever get a chance to run into these guys perform, don't miss out. They are such a treat, to say the least.

Halik Ni Hudas was a tad amusing, but they got the lyrics to “Never Gonna Give You Up” wrong. Booo! Hisss! Lol. Seriously, they're cool, though.

Well, having said all that, I must say that the band of the night, in my humble opinion, was Project 2. The lead singer called themselves “Ang pinagsanib na pwersa ng mga bandang hindi sumikat.” and they were funny throughout the night. Wearing really short shorts and poking fun at themselves especially with their song that they made for Acebedo Optical and their rock version of “Sexy Back”, everyone was rolling in the aisles.

I dunno about you, but I wanna see more of these guys. They're funny, they're witty, and they don't take themselves too seriously at all.

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