Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Small Laughs And Gasps Over The Weekend....

.:Still Showing Up On Myx Almost Daily...:.

Well, I'm still gonna be on reruns of their show, “Wer U At?” all the way 'til Thursday, so hooray for that. Check my earlier blog post about it for the schedule...

.:Laughs And Gasps On A Saturday Night...:.

Saturday night was spent with good company, most definitely.

Since I was invited by a good friend of mine, Stanley Chi, to a special night of comedy in Conspiracy Bar, with the rest of the so-called 700 Club: Uni and Mike Unson, who were definitely all hilarious the whole night.

From the sheer inanity of Sesame Street and how a 10-foot canary would be easier to believe than a frigging elephant, to how bad it feels to be the middle child in a brood of three, to other choice bits, Mike was firing on all cylinders that night. Stanley and Uni were funny as well, but the longest set of the night was Mike's, and he definitely made everyone laugh... I'd love to share that bit where he played out an imaginary scenario of how his parents would deal with his being kidnapped, but I don't want to parrot his material without asking his permission first. Having said that, you should just be there to see these guys at work for yourselves. They're performing on December 15 around 9PM at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt.

That night, I also encountered Mr. Jess Santiago, and ended up buying an album for the first time in ten years. “Puso At Isip” is definitely an amazing album, and I'm glad I managed to get my hands on copy. I especially love his song entitled “Laging Ikaw”. I'd share it with you guys, but I think it's better you just look for a copy of his album... he's an independent artist, though. And of course, I had him sign my copy. Heh.

Love the art!

That night, I hung out with Bessie Moo Estelle, Sire, and even Jojo Alejar of “Jojo A. All The Way” fame, who was really fun to talk to...

Afterwards, we had some gasps, as Sire and I ended up hanging out with The Story Circle, who were all too happy to do some really awesome magic for Sire. Sam was especially generous with his creepy effects... heh. All in all, it was a great night for everyone involved...

Having said that, it was a fun night, and here's hoping that a future collaboration with the Cartel, Mr. Jojo A, and even perhaps a few other people would be in the books!

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