Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh, Yes. I Conquered The Baconator...

.:Bring Home The Bacon...ator!:.

Yesterday, I was at Wendy's Park Avenue for the unveiling of their latest delectably sinful offering... the Baconator! Nothing quite like two quarter-pound beef patties with cheese, and six strips of bacon to just really drive home the point that this burger is for the people who really want to eat something heavy.

Of course, the event was quite an amazing launch as members of the press were all at hand for the Baconator, and they even had the Baconator challenge for us... which meant I had to go there and consume an entire Baconator and a Biggie serving of Coke Zero in the fastest time I could muster, going ahead of the eventual winner overall by finishing my Coke before he did, although he finished his burger first...

Nonetheless, it was a great event, and the Baconator, at a mere 199 pesos, is definitely going to whet anyone's appetite for a great burger with one of the most sinfully delectable toppings ever conceived by man. Six strips of bacon?!?

With a few awesome encounters, including the Coca-Cola Tigers team, an old, old friend of my mom's, and so forth, the event was really quite a success on all counts, as everyone present really enjoyed their time there, and the food was just awesome all-around.

I definitely enjoyed this launch, and you can be sure I'll be back for more Baconator goodness in Wendy's soon... admittedly, eating the burger and drinking my softdrink in under three minutes meant I hardly got to appreciate how good the burger really was. But it sure left me full all the way 'til the evening.

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reyl said...

Hey Kel. Thanks for dropping by last week... and for the twisted spoons as well (mine's proudly displayed on my desk... a testament to the power of YOUR mind, hahaha!)

Anyway, just wanted to share that we have an "I conquered the Baconator" Facebook page at

I re-posted your blog entry there : )