Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Joys Of Sharing Laughs...

.:The Comedy Cartel Does It Again:.

Last Thursday, I ended up watching the Comedy Cartel's show in Mag:Net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street. This was the same place where BB Gandanghari had her amazing meet and greet courtesy of the POC, where we found out BB was a very down-to-earth and deep person who stands for her right to express herself, and hopefully, in turn, the right of others to express themselves as they see fit.

I'd love to go on more about the BB Gandanghari thing (which was most enlightening and definitely made me appreciate her more), but I'm supposed to talk about the Cartel, so, yeah... heh.

Anyways, I watched with a good friend of mine, Sarah, and it was a top-notch lineup, featuring Stanley Chi, Tim Tayag, Uni Oposa, Mike Unson, and quite a few more people including one of the most amazing magician comedians you will ever meet.

For three hours straight, we were treated to nothing but top-notch standup comedy, the kind that only these guys can deliver. It was awesome, to say the least, and I know I'll be catching them again in the future.

If you need a few payday loans to watch them the next time they perform, make sure to do so. Their next show is this March 30.

The whole night was one unparalleled laugh trip, but after the show, things got even funnier over a late dinner as the Cartel members regaled us with numerous stories about their experiences while performing all over the country, including a hilarious run-in with an overrated magician who ended up tripping over himself when he unwittingly trash-talked his former boss.

Laughter is a lot more enjoyable when it's shared with friends. My thanks to Sarah for making the night twice as enjoyable just because I know someone who can laugh with me at Stanley's classic routine (even if I've already heard it 2,000 times...) because the Cartel is just that good.

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